TOPTIERPRO Backup Camera Installation Guide

Power Harness (Black Connector)

Red Wire: This wire provides 12 Volt (V) power to your back-up camera. This can be connected to any 12V power source on your vehicle. However, it’s recommend to connect to your reverse lights so the camera only turns on when the vehicle is in reverse. Note: If your vehicle is equipped with trailer wiring, it’s recommended to connect to the 12V reverse light wire contained within your trailer wiring harness. Please refer to the wiring diagram(s) for your specific vehicle and/or trailer harness to determine the correct color 12V wire for the reverse lights.

Tip: “Scotchloks” are an easy way to connect to an existing wire on your vehicle without damaging or cutting the factory harness. These can be found at common hardware stores.

Black Wire: This is a ground which can be connected in several ways including the ground wire within your trailer wiring harness, any other ground wire at the rear of your vehicle, or connecting directly to the steel frame/chassis. If connecting to the frame/chassis, use sand paper or abbrasive to clean the contact surface to ensure a reliable ground.

Video RCA Cable (Yellow Connector)

This provides a video signal and connects directly from the back-up camera to the video input on your monitor or head unit (HU) inside the vehicle. Routing this cable is the most labor intensive part of the installation. Be sure to carefully route the video cable from your back-up camera all the way to your vehicle’s dash and avoid heat sources, sharp edges, or anything else that could damage this wire. Use zip ties along the way to secure the wire.

Red Wire Attached to Video Cable: This is an optional 12V “trigger” wire used when your monitor or HU has a reverse signal input. Monitors and HU’s which are multi-functional need to know when the vehicle is in reverse in order to switch the display to the back-up camera. This wire should be connected to the 12V reverse light source at the rear of your vehicle (the same one used previously), and the other end should be connected to the reverse signal input on your monitor/HU (if applicable).

Note: If you plan to use a dedicated monitor for the back-up camera, the trigger wire is not needed. Instead, simply connect your monitor’s 12V power wire directly to the reverse lights so the monitor only turns on when the vehicle is in reverse.

Guidelines and Camera Orientation

Your camera is equipped with two small wires attached to the main harness which control both the guide line feature, and the orientation. Cutting and/or re-connecting these wires affect your camera as follows:

White Wire – Camera Orientation

Connected = Front Facing (default)

Disconnected = Rear Facing

Green/Blue Wire – No Lines (default)

Disconnected = Lines

Note: In most applications, it will be necessary to cut the white wire.

After making a change to these wires, disconnect the camera from power and re-connect to observe the change.

Do you know that you can use the TTP-C12B Rear view camera as a hidden security surveillance camera?

You will only need a BNC to RCA Cable, and just connect the camera to your DVR system.




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Pretty impressed with this little camera and the instructions! Thanks for the help – I put it in my 2007 Tundra tonight, and it has a nice picture.


I can confirm that cutting the white wire for backup camera works. That should be included in the instructions!!

Took me 5 tries to figure out why I couldn’t back up to my trailer!

Dr. Bond

No one has seemingly noticed, there are no responses to any questions, so here are a few that should help you out.
To use as a forward facing camera, just install facing forward.
To use as a rear-facing camera, install facing rear and cut the white wire.
If testing with a battery shows that the camera works and Triggers on, check your ground, the black wire, and make sure it is securely connected. Then check that your red wire is connected to a 12v source.
Connections may be required at stereo or monitor to trigger the display to engage. If your display unit / monitor requires a trigger wire, simply connect the reverse lights to the yellow RCA cable small red wire and attach small red to trigger at the stereo end of the RCA wire.
Lastly, the green wire will not provide grid lines in forward-facing mode. They appear to only work when the white wire is cut.

Those appear to be most of the questions I saw left on answered, hopefully this helps some of you.

Alexis Torres

Toptierpro has good quality cameras mines looks and has an amazing picture quality really recomend it


Camera picture quality was excellent and the installation options with the brackets was awesome. Will definitely purchase more of these.


Camera is good but what does one do for a monitor?

Jorge Velasquez

Instalé una camara y me da señar inversa, el lado derecho me enfoca a la izquierda, a que se debe y que debo hacer para coregir.

Lance Miller

In case you havn’t figured it out, nobody is answering any of our questions. You will get better info from other sources – Google is your friend.

David Weatherspoon

How do I zoom in on the camera

Henry J Tift III

I cut the white wire, disconnected the power from the camera and the image is reversed

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