TOPTIERPRO Backup Camera Installation Guide

Power Harness (Black Connector)

Red Wire: This wire provides 12 Volt (V) power to your back-up camera. This can be connected to any 12V power source on your vehicle. However, it’s recommend to connect to your reverse lights so the camera only turns on when the vehicle is in reverse. Note: If your vehicle is equipped with trailer wiring, it’s recommended to connect to the 12V reverse light wire contained within your trailer wiring harness. Please refer to the wiring diagram(s) for your specific vehicle and/or trailer harness to determine the correct color 12V wire for the reverse lights.

Tip: “Scotchloks” are an easy way to connect to an existing wire on your vehicle without damaging or cutting the factory harness. These can be found at common hardware stores.

Black Wire: This is a ground which can be connected in several ways including the ground wire within your trailer wiring harness, any other ground wire at the rear of your vehicle, or connecting directly to the steel frame/chassis. If connecting to the frame/chassis, use sand paper or abbrasive to clean the contact surface to ensure a reliable ground.

Video RCA Cable (Yellow Connector)

This provides a video signal and connects directly from the back-up camera to the video input on your monitor or head unit (HU) inside the vehicle. Routing this cable is the most labor intensive part of the installation. Be sure to carefully route the video cable from your back-up camera all the way to your vehicle’s dash and avoid heat sources, sharp edges, or anything else that could damage this wire. Use zip ties along the way to secure the wire.

Red Wire Attached to Video Cable: This is an optional 12V “trigger” wire used when your monitor or HU has a reverse signal input. Monitors and HU’s which are multi-functional need to know when the vehicle is in reverse in order to switch the display to the back-up camera. This wire should be connected to the 12V reverse light source at the rear of your vehicle (the same one used previously), and the other end should be connected to the reverse signal input on your monitor/HU (if applicable).

Note: If you plan to use a dedicated monitor for the back-up camera, the trigger wire is not needed. Instead, simply connect your monitor’s 12V power wire directly to the reverse lights so the monitor only turns on when the vehicle is in reverse.

Guidelines and Camera Orientation

Your camera is equipped with two small wires attached to the main harness which control both the guide line feature, and the orientation. Cutting and/or re-connecting these wires affect your camera as follows:

White Wire – Camera Orientation

Connected = Front Facing (default)

Disconnected = Rear Facing

Green/Blue Wire – No Lines (default)

Disconnected = Lines

Note: In most applications, it will be necessary to cut the white wire.

After making a change to these wires, disconnect the camera from power and re-connect to observe the change.

Do you know that you can use the TTP-C12B Rear view camera as a hidden security surveillance camera?

You will only need a BNC to RCA Cable, and just connect the camera to your DVR system.




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I’m trying to use wireless system, so no cable routed from HU to camera. Quetion is for 12V trigged signal to HU, where should I take from instead of reverse light?


This forum states these can be used as fed facing. How would you wire this to still use the factory monitor on a 2017 Silverado Rally 2 special edition. I want this to assist with parking

What about a video of to set up the camera,a video of installation

I’m having to install the camera, am wondering if it need a nether piece

Don Nairn

I installed the back up camera but the problem is the picture is reversed. Did I do something wrong or is it faulty.

WINFRED AU 2017nenz

Is it possible to see a wiring diagram?

Sherry Doles

It is important to consult a technician for installation of wired systems to avoid personal damage to your vehicle. Installation of a 3.5 inch monitor and backup camera may cost up to $400. One can also opt to replace their old rearview mirror with one that has a connected video screen at about $800. For a car that already has a screen, the technician may opt to integrate a new backup camera onto this video monitor at a cost of about $1000. The last installation method entails installing of a monitor on a vehicle that has a standard radio. The installation process takes about two hours and on average the installation of a video monitor and back up camera would cost between $500 and $2000, depending on the type of system, image quality and other technological features as discussed in this article.


Corrections to the above about which wires to cut for mirror image and back up lines:

There is no blue wire; the wire is green.

ALSO – the green wire controls the back up guidelines, not the white wire as mentioned above. If you don’t want back up guidelines, then don’t cut the green wire!

If your monitor screen has an option to mirror the camera image for you, then you don’t need to cut the white wire at all.


How do I connect the yellow AV cable to a Toyota plug? Must I cut the AV wire and splice it?

Barnet Alpert

I have a 7" Monitor measured diagonally. When the camera and monitor were installed, the full 7" screen was taken up. Now the screen viewing size has changed to 5". Did the camera change the viewing size? I prefer the 7" viewing field on my monitor.


I installed the camera for forward view and cut the white wire to get grid lines but the lines did not come on can you help

michael mroz

how do I lock cameria from rotating?


I have the camera hooked up and cut the blue and the white wire to use as a reverse camera the picture is great then jumps and goes blank I wired both hots to my back up lights could that be the issue do I have to use separate power for each? would I be getting feedback from having both hooked to the same power wire ?

Steve Wilcomb

I have installed the backup camera as shown. It does not work when the backup lights come on. I checked the power at the connection of wires to backup light wires and they are fine. I checked at the red plug and there is no power there. Is there a replacement plug and red/black wires available? Is there an extension for the yellow video wire available as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.. Steve


Hello. I have a 2016 Dodge Charger. I found the reverse light wires. I used a multimeter to verify voltage and ground. The camera will not come on. I use a 9v battery to test camera it works.. I wired the camera directly to the car battery it works. But if I tie the wires to the to the reverse light wires. The screen just scrambles. Any suggestions

Killer install

Hello Mohammad? I asked 3 days ago if there was a video for installation and still no response now im looking into the blogs and wanted to asked what are the blue and white wires people are taking about which one do you cut for back up lines?


Has anyone figured out how to make the camera work as a front camera? What I am asking is what needs be wired where.

Bryan Lilly

Please let me know how to hook it up to use as a forward facing camra.

carey pettit

i recieved my backup mirror today friday january 6 after i unpacked it i found that the mirror was cracked .please reply with a solution it is 1:20 PM thanks, carey

Jose Bejarano

Hi, I bought you a TopTierPro TTP-C13B Car Rear View License Plate Mount Backup Camera – Best For Trucks & Cars – Reverse Camera – Luxury Metal
My cuestion is:

For which are, cables that come in loop near the camera

Do not see the reference lines is that correct or connect something wrong

Robert Schrock

This camera can be used as a forward camera or a rear view camera. To use as a rear camera, the white wire must be cut to display the grid lines and the blue wire must be cut to reverse (mirror) the display image.

Charles Lujan

Please include me on the blog. I am trying to figure out how to get the distance lines displayed. I love the camera, and the installation was simple for me. However, I am not seeing distance lines.

Jemmi sjam

I have infiniti g35x 2007 which comes with the navigation system mean it has monitor factory installed.
How can I install this back up camera to my car?

Mohammad Said

Thank you Alan for the feedback, in regards the white and green wires we have an image on the Amazon site that show how to use it, we’ll update it on the blog soon. Thanks

Alan Case

This is a good email, but it does not answer my question about the use of the white and green wires that can be cut for mirror and grid lines

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